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‘Digits’ from Twitter, a better password alternative

Twitter  announced a new service called ‘Digits’ that will allow users to log into apps on their mobile devices without user ID and password.This relieves the user from remembering multiple log-in ID’s and password. Sound’s Good Eh!! This new log-in system
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Get started with WhatsApp Web- A new WhatsApp feature

Facebook-owned WhatsApp, until today was available for all smartphone operating system but it was never easy to experience it from the web browser of the desktop. WhatsApp just solved part of that problem with its new feature called “WhatsApp Web”.  Unfortunately for now, WhatsApp has

v-JAYS, t-JAYS four, a-JAYS five REVIEW

JAYS- The company of earphone and headphone started their story back in 2006 ‘d-JAYS earphones’ being their first product. They had a simple idea and a big vision i.e. to create great music experiences that everyone could enjoy and love. v-JAYS   Don’t

Whatsapp Plus users have been temporarily banned

All those users who have been using the third party Whatsapp application called Whatsapp+ have been temporarily  banned for 24 hours.   As you can see from the image above, the message appears if you try to open Whatsapp Plus now.

All you need to know about YU Yureka flash sale…

  The YU Yureka Smartphone which was announced in the mid-December is about to  go on sale tomorrow. The company has claimed that 10,000 units of smartphone will be made available against 3 lakh registration made in the amazon website. The

JAVA AWT Tutorial: Buttons

  The java.awt package comes with many GUI components of which Button is the most important and most frequently used. A button functionality (what for it is) can be known by its label like OK or Cancel etc. A mouse click

1100 towers sold by Bharti Airtel to IHS in Zambia and Rwanda

Nigeria-based telecommunications infrastructure group IHS Holding Limited has signed an agreement to acquire India cellular services major Bharti Airtel Ltd’s over 1100 telecoms towers at an estimated $180-200 million (roughly Rs. 1,132 crores to Rs. 1,258 crores) in Zambia and Rwanda. As

Smartphone-Tablet Hybrid “Asus PadFone mini” Launched at Rs. 15,999

Asus has launched the PadFone Mini (PF400CG), a smartphone-cum-tablet hybrid, in India at a price of Rs 15,999. PadFone Mini comes with a total battery capacity of 3270mAh. The tablet even charges the PadFone Mini smartphone when docked.The smartphone is backed

FaceRig – Gameplay

FaceRig is a program enabling anyone with a webcam to digitally embody awesome characters. FaceRig is being developed by Holotech Studios and the image based face tracking SDK being used is provided by Visage Technologies. FaceRig is only in early access

Life after Us – The System

How often have you come across games which scares the hell out of you? Or wait, my question was rather disturbing. I’ll try it again. How often have you visited an Asylum before? I guess no one has visited an Asylum